Oxygen FreeJumping

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I recently went along to a sotonbloggers event with oxygen freejumping, which was an absolute ball! Although my body was not a fan the next day. I was so excited when I got the email through about the event, but then noticed the "gym wear" comment. Yeah, definitely didn't own any gym wear, never been to a gym, and my body wobbles when I walk, so that was a good start!

After a panic trip to town for acceptable jumping clothes and a concrete sports bra I was all set for my first event as a blogger! And it was such a great event, met some new faces and attempted to look graceful on trampolines with some familiar faces. Absolutely failed at looking graceful considering I fell over just bloody walking.  

Oxygen freejumping is a trampoline park with 150 connected wall to wall trampolines. There's also an obstacle course, a jumping run way, a massive airbag to land on and dodge ball courts. Luckily for us, we were in a section that was separated, I think it might have been one of the dodge ball areas. But as there was a big group of us and lots of children running free, having our own area to jump around in was great. If you know me at all, you'd know I'm really fucking clumsy and it would have been inevitable that a child would get an accidental kick.

On arrival we all needed to sign a waiver, then we were given a wrist band and special trampoline socks. Once we had all bundled our stuff into lockers and had our jumping socks on, we were ready for a safety brief. No flips, only one person to one trampoline, no second chances if you break any rules. The usual cringe safety video. And then we were let loose,

Some people were jumping and getting their bodies into all sorts of shapes, I just about manged to jump up and down with the odd leg kick to look fancy. Who knew trampolines were such hard work? We had a whole hour to explore the park and try out different areas. When we got to the end of the session we noticed the air bag. So a few people had a go, a big run up on trampolines and jumping into the giant airbag. I think my favourite part was when people were trying to climb back out, it was like the lion king, but we didn't act all dickish like Scar and actually helped. Then while walking out we realised you didn't actually need to climb out...you just needed to roll to the end of the air bag and you were back to normal flooring. awkward.

All in all it was a really fun event, although I didn't feel like I managed to talk to many people due to the distraction of trampolines! I'm sure there will be another chance.
Thanks to Sotonbloggers and Oxygen Freejumping for arranging such a fun and different event.

Emily-May xo


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks like that would have been so much fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself, I'm sure you'll have another event to go to that you can chat to everyone!

    Lisa | http://www.fairlyrosy.com