25 Facts About Me

Sunday, 9 October 2016

I thought the best way to start up my little blog was to share some facts about me and help you to get to know the person behind this. I've seen lots of 'About Me' posts and I've always enjoyed finding out a little extra about the person behind the blog. I won't lie, some facts might be memorable and some might be bloody pointless.

But hey, fuck it.

1. I swear A LOT, as you may have already guessed.

2. I'm currently a healthcare assistant, and yes, one day I will train to be a nurse. I really want to be a palliative care nurse

3. I have the appetite of a child. If its green, it ain't going in.

4. I went to school in Spain from the age of 12, moved back to England at 18 to go to college and do my GCSEs.

5. My parents once adopted a donkey for me from a rescue sanctuary, we travelled fairly far to visit my lovely donkey 'Polly'. Got there, found out she wasn't just mine. No longer cared and made my parents cancel the adoption.

6. I dream of having a sausage dog called Gilbert. 

7. I have epilepsy, and more than one type. I'll explain more in the future.

8. I love sloths, spirit animal right there.

9. I've been with my partner for 4 years next month. no, he doesn't deserve a medal like people say. Because I'm delightful AF.

10. I still haven't met his parents (they don't live close by) 

11. I once worked for Topshop, I now advise people against that.

12. I live for shit tv, ex on the beach, geordie shore, made in chelsea. If its shit I'll be watching it. and giving no fucks.

13. I can't eat chocolate if it hasn't been in the fridge.

14. I'm a real fan of unicorns. And also buy everything unicorn shaped, printed or relateable. Also have a unicorn onesie. i know, I'd be jealous of that too.

15. I have a kitty called Chester, a blue Russian cross. He loves my mum more than me and i only get blessed with Chester snugs if i'm the only one at home.(he has Instagram)

16. Recently found out my zodiac sign has changed along with the rest of the world. To something new that I CAN NOT pronounce. Sagi for life though.

17. I'm 25 in December and still live at home. I'm too much of a home bird to fly the nest, but i will be soon.

18. I get to be a bridesmaid for two of my favourite people in the world in the near future, my best friend and my sister!

19. I've been known as the honorary blogger for Sotonbloggers for far too long now, so I took the plunge and became a blogger!

20. Like any normal girl, I have a ridiculous amount of Lush bath goodies. Thank god its snow fairy season! 

21. I'm known as the blunt bitchy one in my friendship groups, mainly because I just point blank will not put up with unnecessary shit.

22. I've been complimented on my 'resting bitch face' before. Did not know how to take it, nor was I aware my face was doing it.

23. I am most definitely NOT a morning person

24. I hate coffee. Legit can not even stand the smell. And coffee breath? Nah.

25. I have no idea where my blog is going, I don't know what direction it'll take me, I'm not sure what I will enjoy writing about the most, I'm not even sure people will enjoy it. But that's part of the journey right? To find my place in a blogging world full of amazing people and influences.

So here's to the start of my blogging journey.

Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this post!

Emily-May xo


  1. I see so much unicorn stuff and I ALWAYS think of you!!
    Welcome to the blogging world! You're gona ace it!!

    Rachel //http://illustratedteacup.com

    1. I think I need to chill on the unicorn front!
      Thanks so much cutie xo

  2. Welcome to blogging! Looking forward to your posts xx

    monnii || www.monniiblogs.blogspot.com.au

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to check yours out! xx

  3. Number 9 was my favourite :):)

  4. Mate I want to be complemented on my resting bitch face, it's a beaut!

    Enjoy the blogging world!


    1. It's literally just what my face does 😂
      Thanks sweet x

  5. I've never read someone's 'first' blog so thank you for that and excited to see your journey
    Rose | Mrs A to B

  6. Number 5 is definitely my favourite!! Welcome to the blogging world :) xx

    1. They will never let me forget it! Thanks lovely xx

  7. This is a good idea for a first blog post. I hate coffee too! xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    1. Really!? Everyone thinks it's weird that I hate it xo

  8. Woo so freaking pleased you've started blogging! Love an honest blog full of classy attitude...and unicorns! Show me the subscribe button :D xx